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Testimonials from guests who experienced facilitation services with Jenny:

“My soul has been yearning for this experience. I am grateful for the insights and awakenings I have experienced. You have a true gift to connect with another soul and guide along the way – going with the flow of spontaneity, creativity and synchronicity.” –Ami

“The facilitation process was truly eye-opening. I accessed a part of myself that I didn’t realize I had. I am so grateful for Jenny’s support, patience, kindness and care. She gently encouraged me to deeply explore my inner self. She allowed me to discover my creative side and access many feelings. Jenny is an excellent listener who was so genuine, it touched my heart. I felt so understood! After my retreat, I felt restored and ready to continue facing my life.” – Monika

“Words just can’t express how appreciative I am. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks for your time and talents. You are such a blessing – Kelly

“This retreat was more than I ever could have hoped for! Thank you for helping me bring important things to consciousness! You have helped me more than you know! – Sherry

“Jenny was fully available to all that was birthing within.  Jenny’s facilitation isn’t a job, but a ministry that radiates from her presence.” – Therese

“This retreat was very good! I sometimes feel like we are pulling a splinter out of my heart. I know it will hurt, but afterwards, I will feel better and start to heal. After having done counseling for years, I can always be sure to get the results here in a few hours that take years in therapy.” – Jill (returning guest)

“Oh! to be encouraged to tap into my creativity again and to receive confirmation! Using a variety of her skills Jenny gently nudges you to new awareness.” – Sally

“I enjoyed the creative facilitation process the most. I learned more about myself in those few hours than I did in months of counseling!” – P.C.

“I was a mess when I got here. Seriously! The two sessions with Jenny really helped me focus on me instead of being so scattered and outer-focused that I was freaking out! I feel GREAT! Jenny really listened to me, remembered things I said and helped me pull things together to make sense of things and see a bigger picture.” – Elissa

“We scratched the surface and found some good stuff to work with! I got the feeling that you really know a lot, but are careful to share enough to get me engaged with the ideas so that I may pursue them on my own. You create a supportive environment for dialogue.” – Jeanette

“The creative facilitation session with the pastels was such a simple task, but it really opened my eyes! Our “old stories” ritual was great and very moving … You are a wonderful, patient listener! very thoughtful, non-judgmental and non-prescriptive. You really facilitated our discoveries. Thank you!” – Cassie and Cindy

“I loved the tools you gave. You have such a wonderful personality and make it easy to open up!” – Tia

“What a pleasure it was to meet you! You have to be one of the most comfortable people to be with, almost like an instant friend whom I have known all of my life! You made me feel so comfortable, you managed to listen without any judgment, you lead and inspire in such a gentle way, and let me make my own conclusions based on my own work… I can tell you have years of practice, experience in being supportive, gentle and your insights are marvelous.” – Deborah

“Thank you for such an amazing experience this weekend! Thank you for helping me discover my own creativity and pull insight from within that I never knew I had! : – ) I will never be the same after these short, but deeply profound days that have put me on my path to self-discovery.” – Lisa


Creative Explorations Women’s Retreat is a sacred space for all women. Located in southwest Ohio, it is within easy driving distance of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, southern Michigan and western Pennsylvania.

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