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Creative Explorations is a tranquil personal retreat facility for women in the quaint and artsy village of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Explore your life’s purpose and nurture your soul with a gently facilitated spiritual retreat.

Further nurture your mind/body/spirit with local spa services, yoga classes, and varied offerings of alternative health practitioners. Enjoy hiking in one of the three nearby nature preserves. The location near Dayton, Ohio makes the retreat easily accessible from  Ohio (OH), Kentucky (KY) and Indiana (IN).

The retreat house is a sacred space…… no smoking, pets, drugs or alcohol. To support your release from the usual demands and distractions, there is no television, and wifi service is NOT available.


  • A gift to you! Check-in as early as 10 am. and check-out as late as 5 pm!
  • $140/night for single occupant. $40/night for each additional guest.
  • Maximum occupancy is four female friends.
  • Two night minimum.
  • 3% lodging tax will be added to bill.

SINGLE GUEST: $140/night 

TWO GUESTS: $180/night ($90/night/person)

THREE GUESTS: $220/night ($73.34/night/person)

FOUR GUESTS: $260/night ($65/night/person)

The first floor bedroom has a twin bed and adjoining half bath. The second floor has two bedrooms and a full bath. One bedroom has both twin & full-size beds and the second bedroom has an extra long twin bed.

Unless you choose to share the space, you have the peacefulness of the retreat all to yourself! Guests may request CD programs by renowned wisdom teachers from the audio resources library. Check out the extensive audio programs list. You will also have access to a diverse book library, rhythm instruments and art supplies.

Facilitation Services

Facilitation services are provided by Jenny, a licensed independent social worker, utilizing creative approaches for accessing the right brain/intuitive/subconscious/spiritual aspects of your being. In Western Society we learn to function in primarily linear and rational ways, but sometimes this “thinking” mode leaves us still feeling confused or stuck. When creative and symbolic techniques are used, we have access to inner resources that we often overlook. New clarity, insight and peace of mind can be discovered. We know more than we “think” we know!

Typical sessions may include guided centering meditation, symbol-making, creative journaling and imaginative dialogue. You do not need to be an artist! You do not need to be a “creative person!” You need only to be open to discovery through simple, gentle and playful exploration.

Individual Facilitation

INDIVIDUAL session: $80/hour (two hour minimum)

Group Facilitation

On the first day, group retreats typically begin with a 2 hour joint foundational session. You will be given suggested “homework,” and the following day(s), each guest receives a private, individual processing session, one or two hours in length, as you choose.

2 hour joint session with one-hour individual processing sessions:

  • TWO GUESTS: $360 ($180/person)
  • THREE GUESTS:  $480 ($160/person)
  • FOUR GUESTS:  $600 ($150/person)

2 hour joint session with two-hour individual processing sessions:

  • TWO GUESTS: $520 ($260/person)
  • THREE GUESTS:  $720 ($240/person)
  • FOUR GUESTS:  $920 ($230/person)

Additional Retreat Services

Gateways to restoration

Enhance your retreat and include any of the following  gateways to restoration:


Creative Explorations Women’s Retreat is a sacred space for all women. Located in southwest Ohio, it is within easy driving distance of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, southern Michigan and western Pennsylvania.

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