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Do you sometimes wish that you had more clarity or a broader perspective on a particular issue? Most people tend to rely on their rational minds, and in doing so, often neglect the insight that can be gained from our intuitive/creative side. Facilitated sessions offer a gentle and playful experience of inner exploration through the use of a variety of creative mediums: drawing, symbol exploration, imaginative dialogue, vocal exploration and chanting, meditative movement, music and drumming, creative journaling and mindfulness exercises.

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No matter how strong our spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs may be, everyone, from time to time, finds herself feeling a bit overwhelmed or lost in the woods. At these times our trusted mental compass seems inadequate to guide us. As medical researcher, Jonas Salk stated, “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” Creativity is the perfect gateway to our own intuitive knowing and our broader spiritual understanding.

Carl Jung was among the many great thinkers, religious and otherwise, who believed that we are inwardly Whole, but that we lose contact with important aspects of ourselves. It is in the process of making conscious those submerged and neglected parts that we can integrate the bits and pieces and discover more fully who we really are.

For example, if you are a professional person, you most likely are heavily invested in your professional image. Do you allow yourself to play? Can you risk doing “something silly”? No matter whether you are a graphic designer, a software programmer, a musician, gardener, cook, technician, parent or teacher, you look for inspiration. You look for creative new methods to reach your objectives. Creative thinking experts suggest in one way or the other that you PLAY! Get “outside the box!” Shake things up and look from a different perspective! Anthony Robbins, author and speaker famously declared, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” If you want things to be different, you must first look from a different angle.

Facilitated sessions provide a platform where you can relax, and explore the wisdom of the various aspects that are you.  Our sessions together provide an opportunity to uncover and reconnect with your essential self, and to deepen an attitude of trust and appreciation for the natural unfolding process of your life’s journey.  Sessions help you to recognize, nurture and allow your inner source of creative wisdom to come alive and mature.  Each person is a unique composite of roles, relationships, temperaments and histories. All of us are inclined to seek authenticity and wholeness. By attending to insights presented from those aspects of ourselves that are often overlooked in favor of “being rational and practical,” we restrict the fullness of perspective that is uniquely ours. Our rational minds certainly hold seeds of truth, but it is not the whole truth. The Divine Mystery IS a mystery. We are all detectives looking for meaning and seeking clues to “the next step” on this grand adventure through life!

Everyone knows that stress is reaching epidemic proportions. Experts say that stress reduction and creativity both require quiet, reflective solitude. Come to Creative Explorations and give yourself the gift of time, the gift of facilitated reflection and the gift of restoration.

Creative Explorations Women’s Retreat is a sacred space for all women. Located in southwest Ohio, it is within easy driving distance of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, southern Michigan and western Pennsylvania.

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