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As you are deciding whether or not a Creative Explorations retreat is for you, please consider the following:

Creative Explorations is a Sacred Space, so you will be asked to be mindful during your stay. Shoes are to be removed. Slipper-socks are available.

For the comfort and safety of all guests this is a smoke, alcohol and drug-free environment. Candles are permitted, if burned in glass holders and attended while in use. No incense please.

There is no television or computer on the premises; however, wifi is available at several cafes and the library has computers available for public use. If you wish to have telephone contact with others, please bring your cell phone.

Note that the house has several steps for entry. There is a first floor bedroom with adjoining powder room, but the full bath is upstairs.

Although the retreat is located in a quiet neighborhood, you may observe some renegade neighboring chickens in the backyard. The “girls” are gorgeous! and the rooster is a right handsome fellow!

One final clarifier….. You would be personally responsible for ensuring the care and safety of all contents. Creative Explorations has been established with particular tenderness to enhance your body/mind/spirit retreat. These guidelines are designed to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to experience the quality of energy that comes from a space created with mindful intention.

You are warmly invited to experience the blessing of your own special retreat.

Creative Explorations Women’s Retreat is a sacred space for all women. Located in southwest Ohio, it is within easy driving distance of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, southern Michigan and western Pennsylvania.

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