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Testimonials from guests who experienced facilitation services with Jenny:

” Jenny was fully available to all that was birthing within. It wasn’t just the one-on-one sessions, but also her presence during my entire time while in Yellow Springs. She was flexible with the timing of events and even went out of her way to provide requested resources. Jenny’s facilitation isn’t a job, but a ministry that radiates from her presence.”    Therese

“Oh! to be encouraged to tap into my creativity again and to receive confirmation! Using a variety of her skills Jenny gently nudges you to new awareness. ……….. What a beautiful retreat! A space that hugs you!”     Sally

“I enjoyed the creative facilitation process the most. I learned more about myself in those few hours than I did in months of counseling!”              P.C.

“My soul has been yearning for this experience. I am grateful for the insights and awakenings I have experienced with you in this sacred space. I now have the courage to face my fears with the spirit within me. You have a true gift to connect with another soul and guide along the way – going with the flow of spontaneity, creativity and synchronicity.”                 Ami

“We scratched the surface and found some good stuff to work with! I got the feeling that you really know a lot, but are careful to share enough to get me engaged with the ideas so that I may pursue them on my own. You create a supportive environment for dialogue.”    Jeanette

“I was a mess when I got here. Seriously! The two sessions with Jenny really helped me focus on me instead of being so scattered and outer-focused that I was freaking out! I feel GREAT! Jenny really listened to me, remembered things I said and helped me pull things together to make sense of things and see a bigger picture.”  Elissa

“It is a little scary to think about disconnecting from the world – cell phone off, no computer, no TV, time just to be alone…., but once you get going, it’s really not too hard! I enjoyed the balance of self-indulgence (massage) and work, and the freedom to explore my feelings.”       Linda

“This retreat was very good! I sometimes feel like we are pulling a splinter out of my heart. I know it will hurt, but afterwards, I will feel better and start to heal. After having done counseling for years, I can always be sure to get the results here in a few hours that take years in therapy.”      Jill   (returning guest)

“I appreciated that you went with the flow….. You did a good job of picking up on what we needed!”        Jan

“I loved the tools you gave us. You have such a wonderful personality and make it easy to open up!”           Tia

“This is a most fascinating place. The library is filled with an impressive array, the artwork is peaceful and settling, the music soothing and the details in every nook and cranny speak to me. Thank you for providing a place to retreat from daily living. I’ll be back!”      Karen

“I visited an island this weekend. One that was filled with love, a soothing spiritual force, and peace as if coming home. You, within this safe haven you have created, allowed me to look at the past and look into the future, all while living in the moment. You have given me the gifts of hope, clarity and choice of direction. Thank you for sharing this sacred place.”       Sally

“You have given me a lot of springboards for my own personal exploration. Things I would not have been inclined to try on my own. Jenny, you were very open and caring – listening and questioning, but not judging.”            Linda

“My expectations were surpassed and I so enjoyed eveything about the time spent here. I feel renewed and ready to go back into my chaotic space in the world.”    Nancy

“Thank you for an extremely positive and centering few days. I liked having the two sessions over two days with lots of opportunity to explore on my own. The meditation room provides a way to start, end or spend the day being quiet. I loved the freedom to accomplish my set goals….. or not! ….. to come and go in a very safe, nurturing environment. ”          Daniella

“The creative facilitation session with the pastels was such a simple task,but it really opened my eyes! Our “old stories” ritual was great and very moving…………… You are a wonderful, patient listener!…. very thoughtful, non-judgmental and non-prescriptive. You really facilitated our discoveries. Thank you!”          Cassie and Cindy

“What a pleasure it was to meet you! You have to be one of the most comfortable people to be with, almost like an instant friend whom I have known all of my life! You made me feel so comfortable, you managed to listen without any judgment, you lead and inspire in such a gentle way, and let me make my own conclusions based on my own work… I can tell you have years of practice, experience in being supportive, gentle and your insights are marvelous.”       Deborah


“Thank you for such an amazing experience this weekend! Every minute was new and exciting! Thank you for helping me discover my own creativity and pull insight from within that I never knew I had! : – ) I will never be the same after these short, but deeply profound days that have put me on my path to self-discovery.”      Lisa

Testimonials from self-directed retreat guests:

“What an absolutely lovely, soothing, evocative and inspiring setting you’ve created for the well-being of others!”  Deborah

“You have a generous heart, which is evident in every room and the smallest of detail here. It was such a delight to return to this peaceful oasis – and right in the middle of town- everyday. I’m positive the good vibes of every woman who passes through will continue to fill this home with peace and joy.”       Judith

“From the moment I walked in …… ‘Ahhhhh!’ ……… To all who will stay in this sacred space, may you find the same welcoming peace that I have. Jenny’s attention to detail makes ‘ease’ easy! What a gift to us all! Many blessings to you Jen, and to all who enter this beautiful place.”     Karina

“Here, visiting this space, is coming home with a gentle landing! I’m returning to my home town; the structure echos the homes from my earliest childhood and yet there is more to it.  Jenny has imprinted these old walls and floors with her wide open welcome!”        Anne

“You have a generous heart, which is evident in every room and the smallest of detail here. It was such a delight to return to this peaceful oasis – and right in the middle of town! I’m positive the good vibes of every woman who passes through Creative Explorations will continue to fill this home with peace and joy.”

“I feel as if I’ve walked into this painting, ie., have become an ‘object of art’ within this still life. You’ve created an oasis of calm, yet colorful awakenings of spunk! I love your color choices, soothing cremes, juicy apricots, earthy greens and sea blues! Thank you for creating Creative Explorations and allowing me to partake of its magic!”

“This very special, very beautiful space you have created will always live in my memory. This is a space conceived with love. It is obvious that the healer and artist in you worked together! It’s reflected in every detail from the walls that feel like warm air, the soothing colors and all the touches of beauty seen everywhere… It soothes and invites the creative spirit to awaken to expression in music, sketching and writing… Thank you for all the love and effort it took to make your dream of a retreat a reality for me and all who discover this!”

Guest/visitor comments

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  1. My daughter and I came for the weekend for some rest and relaxation. She has 2 young children and I’m a nurse and grad student. We had a blast. The home is beautiful, immaculate, and totally comfortable. You can connect through the power of music, art, or curl up with a good book. The surrounding community is a gem. Wonderful places to eat and explore. A sacred space not to be missed. Jenny pays close attention to the most minute details. She has thought of everything.

    - Robin
  2. I am so appreciative of your deeply thoughtful and gentle spirit and all the new awareness that could only have been born in a beautiful, sacred environment like the one you’ve created at Creative Explorations. I loved every moment of my creative exploring. Thank you, Jenny, for an incredible,one-of-a-kind breaking-through experience!

    - Karen
  3. What a beautiful, restorative, contemplative, superlative space Jenny has created! My girlfriends and I spent a very lovely weekend together, away from our hectic lives, just appreciating each other’s company in this resplendent environment. Thanks Jenny!

  4. Once again, this retreat is what I needed. The answers are often buried deep but Jenny always knows how to help me find them. She never fails to help me understand my path. And, the new retreat is so cozy and warm! Thanks Jenny!

    - Jill
  • I am so appreciative of your deeply thoughtful and gentle spirit and all the new awareness that could only have been born in a beautiful, sacred environment like the one you’ve created at Creative Explorations. I loved every moment of my creative exploring. Thank you, Jenny, for an incredible,one-of-a-kind breaking-through experience!

    - Karen
  • What a beautiful, restorative, contemplative, superlative space Jenny has created! My girlfriends and I spent a very lovely weekend together, away from our hectic lives, just appreciating each other’s company in this resplendent environment. Thanks Jenny!

  • Once again, this retreat is what I needed. The answers are often buried deep but Jenny always knows how to help me find them. She never fails to help me understand my path. And, the new retreat is so cozy and warm! Thanks Jenny!

    - Jill
  • Once again, this peaceful space has helped me get through a sad personal anniversary. There is a restorative energy within these walls. When I leave, I feel ready to resume my daily life with renewed purpose and equanimity. Thank you!

    - Cathy
  • I can honestly say that I am feeling at peace in this moment. I haven’t felt such calm in quite a while. It feels good and I will keep it and the experience of these last few days close to my heart. It is just what I needed to be able to continue on this path in a grounded and trusting way. Thank you for your generous offering of this space as well as sharing your gift of facilitation, direction and insight. I am so grateful to have met you, especially at this time in my life. May your work continue to touch the lives of many more women and may their lives be transformed.

    - Elaine
  • My friend/former coworker, D., and I spent a lovely, long weekend @ the retreat. We each had our own rooms and had space to interact or be in solitude. We were “self-directed.” The retreat was clearly designed by a woman, for women. Aesthetically, it was an absolute delight. Jenny has an artistic eye and spared absolutely no details in creating a therapeutic and lovely environment. No corner was left untouched. Therapeutic modalities appealed to visual learners (magazines, books), auditory learners (CDs, nocturnal sound machine) and kinesthetic learners (instruments). I myself enjoyed reading in the meditation room and playing an instrument along to a wide selection of CDs. The external environment also fostered therapy. We received awesome massages at the Humanist Center and visited Young’s Jersey Dairy for ice cream. We enjoyed local restaurants on the main street, as well as the shopping. If you’re there on a Sat., I recommend the farmer’s market across the street in the morning. A gas station, grocery store, ATM machine and drugstore are merely steps away from the retreat.

    - Joanna
  • I needed a calming solitary space in which to contemplate recent loss. The environment Jenny has provided was an excellent fit. I listened to healing music, read from the many books about personal growth, played various instruments she has provided, sat in the meditation room, and slept very well. It’s a life-affirming place. Thank you Jenny.

    - Cathy
  • I stumbled across the Creative Explorations website while I was researching ideas about how to celebrate mother’s day. As I began reading Jenny’s words and seeing the photos, I felt called to experience this retreat and also to invite my mom to join me. However, having never done anything like it before, I felt somewhat outside of my comfort zone and unsure about what I was getting us into. But we decided to listen to that encouraging voice within which we sometimes forget to trust.
    And, I tell you, it was the loveliest and most nurturing, insightful, powerful two days we’ve ever spent together. We got to know Jenny, who with much love and much understanding, helped us get to know each other and also OURSELVES in a far deeper way.
    If you are reading this, and you are feeling a pull to explore this experience, I encourage you to trust your intuition.

    - Megan Murphy
  • I agree with the analogy that it is like a splinter being taken out of my heart. Jenny has been a great help through intense moments in my life when I needed a “helping hand ” with some of life’s problems. She is very intuitive and goes right to the center of the issue. The quiet times between sessions is a great time to reflect and think over what has been brought to the surface. Thank goodness Jenny is there when I need her!

  • Creative Explorations is a beautiful place. And Jenny Horner is a beautiful person. I spent many weekends in Yellow Springs during a difficult time in my life—hiking, meandering, meditating and reflecting. I got lost in joy. And in doing so, I found myself.

    What nature won’t reveal, Jenny’s creative guidance will.

    - Kristen
  • Everything was wonderful! This is an amazing space. The affirmation at the end of the session was so powerful and exciting. I am very grateful that I made time for this experience!

    - Shirelyn
  • This retreat space was just what I needed during an important transition in my life. It was a beautiful, calming and comfortable place for a self-directed retreat. I absolutely loved the meditation room and the antique claw foot bath tub! Thanks to Jenny for creating such a wonderful space.

    - Julia
  • The retreat was much more than I thought it would be. The drawings that I did were very surprising to me. Jenny was wonderful and very helpful in showing ways to see myself in a whole new way. I will recommend this retreat!!! Everything about this was wonderful!

    - Kelly
  • I never imagined we were going to be using ALL of our own subconscious to lead our journey. This approach was PERFECT! All therapy needs to use this approach to help the person answer their own questions. Jenny was genuinely concerned and attentive and her process of drawing and use of symbols was amazing!

    - Holly
  • My advice is to go to Creative Explorations! It is the best thing ever! Go and let Jenny guide you to your own insights. Absolutely amazing! Great massages, too. Definitely get a massage! Go and engage with everything, and watch the synchronicities swirl around you, and feel the alignment of the universe and your place in it!

    - Leslie
  • I cannot put into words what this place has meant for me. I have struggled with high anxiety all my life and just came out of a long depression.This has been the most peaceful and lovely environment I have ever been in. The sad part is leaving, but I have finally been in a spot where I can meditate for long periods of time and I know I can face the world once more. Thank you! I plan to come every year!

    - Crystal
  • The space Jenny has created is one that embodies a playful spirit full of peace and love. My mother and I went together and within the beautiful setting of Yellow Springs had many meaningful and healing conversations with each other and with Jenny. Many insights surfaced during our time there and my spirit felt open and alive during and after my experience.

    - Ariel
  • The experience was beyond anything imagined, the grace and peace I felt there are still with me now.
    The time we spent with you opened up eyes & hearts, fostered sharing & caring. You are a wonderful & wise facilitator.
    Lorie & I benefited greatly by you being flexible & letting us sit in on each other’s individual sessions.
    It was prefect, thank you.

    - Melanie
  • My retreat experience came at just the right time, and at the right place, with the right people. The atmosphere is soothing, relaxing, and open. The painted walls reflect the love and care that is put into this special place, holding the space sacred, reflecting the Divine Feminine. The facilitated session – well, I was unsure what to expect, but I am impressed with Jenny’s ability to assist in getting to the heart of the matter. Since my experience there, I have been more centered, more open, more relaxed than I have felt in a long time. I am very grateful for her, and her insights. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

    - Wendy
  • My experience at Creative Explorations was fantastic! I was desperately in need of some time off and an opportunity to reflect on what was going on with me, rather than rushing around checking off items on my to-do list. The space provided is such a calm and peaceful environment, and is a perfect space for relaxation and introspection. The sessions provided by Jenny were just what was needed for me to slow down and consider what would really help me to reclaim my life as my own, rather than being run by everyone else’s priorities. I truly believe that I am a better person for having had this experience, because I now have tools to re-center myself when life gets challenging, as it will from time to time. I would encourage everyone to experience this life-changing opportunity.

  • What a delightful experience! Jenny thinks of everything to make your stay comfortable and enlightening, with new thoughts and motivation for your life journey. The accommodations are lovely, you just don’t want to leave. The Yellow Springs community provides a unique background for the retreat and everything is conveniently located. EdenWorld Spa is definitely something guests will want to include in their retreat as Kim adds a wonderful dimension to the experience. I am sure there are many repeat guests and word-of-mouth referrals. Thanks again, Jenny!

    - Joy L.
  • Thank You Jenny for a wonderful retreat and time away just for myself. I had a very spiritual and magical time at Creative Explorations. For once in my life I was able to shut everything out and really focus on “ME”. YES, ME!

    Thank You for your program and place to stay to find my inner peace. To find love for myself and provide a place that is filled with Peace, Love and Light.

    Many Blessing to you.

    - Joy D.
  • What a wonderful experience! Although I was somewhat hesitant to stay in a private facility, this visit was so positive I cannot wait to return. Jenny puts her energy, love and care into every aspect of your retreat. I felt comforted and at home from the moment I arrived for the weekend. At the end of the stay you are asked what could be done to make the experience better and I honestly cannot think of one thing, Jenny has thought of everything. My visit was enlightening and very comforting. Two days was just not enough time.

  • From the moment you put the key into the front door, take off your shoes, and slowly creep up the stairs, you know you are arriving at a very special place. At the top of the stairs, you look around and see a world that is welcoming and calming. You are not immediately aware of all the thought and care that went into creating the atmosphere. You simply know instinctively that you belong. With time, every room, every nook, every thing holds delight and creates a connection in your soul. There is no fear in this loving environment, as you begin (or continue) your personal journey to unlock and understand yourself.

    With each exploratory session, your spirit is enveloped in the warmth, compassion and intuition of Jenny. You are safe with her to visit, identify, and understand the experiences, feelings and needs buried in your heart and mind. And, when an “a-ha” moment occurs, you realize you already knew it! It just needed the right person and space to bring it out.

    Leaving is always bittersweet. You briefly consider how to prolong staying in the cocoon of Jenny’s love, but your life calls you. You return to the outside world empowered, refreshed and determined to be the woman you know you are. You are ready!

    But, you always long to return…

    - Carol Haley
  • Before I arrived at Creative Explorations, I was running on empty from sleep deprivation as a result of stress. I am a Caregiver and though I love what I do, after spending so much time putting personal needs secondary to that of others, things can become extremely overwhelming. Creative Explorations was like having a special place tailored and waiting just for Me – my needs and my time. There was nothing overlooked- the color scheme, the brightly lit, cozy space, the music, delicately fragranced bath soap,
    Earth friendly cleaners, plush towels,-everything was arranged and chosen with a perfect balance of informality. Being at tree level with the soft bird chirrups, the calming music, the bright gold of sunrise or peach/purple/pink of sunset was like returning to the womb, being nourished and reborn and most importantly-the opportunity to pause and receive something just for me!
    Thank you Jenny for entrusting and sharing with me a part of your personal space and healing touch! Tina

    - Tina
  • My retreat was an experience that will be with me for the rest of my life. It is in my heart. I am grateful and honored to have been able to enjoy, process, cry, and just be in such a warm and comforting, yet stimulating environment. I was at a point in my journey where there were only a few loose ends from my past tangling me up. With your help, I was able to untangle myself and now I am soaring. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience.

    Peace and Love,

  • Creative Explorations is a sacred space for women. Jenny has lovingly attended to even the smallest details to create a space for women to relax and get to know themselves.

    I immediately felt at home and was inspired by the energy of all of the strong women who had spent time in this space before me.

    I decided to make a personal retreat so that I could contemplate a few issues that were important to me at this time in my life. An upcoming 50th birthday will do that! Jenny’s creative approach allowed a fresh perspective to come through to my awareness. I loved the combination of our time in nature, creative drawing and conversation.

    I would highly recommend Creative Explorations for any woman who would like to give herself the gift of time and attention!

    I have definitely been enriched by this experience! Thank you Jenny for sharing your gifts with us!


    - Mary
  • What an amazing experience! After a family illness I found myself struggling with finding my breath. A retreat was recommended and I found Creative Explorations on the web. The experience was everything I hoped for and more. The physical space is welcoming, nonjudgmental and healing.

    Jenny became an instant friend. She is nurturing, safe and genuine. The creative side of me has long disappeared but with Jenny’s assistance I am finding that part of me once again.

    What a wonderful place to disengage with the toxic intrusions and connect with inner peace!

    - Jill
  • I had a beautiful experience during my 2 night retreat. It gave me the opportunity to reflect and explore some areas of myself which are most often neglected due to the every day distractions of life. Jenny was so open and welcoming on Friday when we arrived and that welcomed and nurtured feeling lasted throughout the weekend until we left on Sunday. I didn’t want to leave that safe haven! Jenny is a wonderful Therapist who helped me to get in touch with my creativity and inner child. Kim gives fantastic massages and was also wonderful to talk to and learn from. I attended with my dearest friend and we were able to spend some wonderful quality time together. It was a rich experience which I will never forget. I plan on returning as soon as possible. Thank you Jenny!!

    - Holly Knabb
  • I had a very lovely, relaxing weekend. It was so nice to get away and stay in such a peaceful setting. I really enjoyed the facilitation sessions as well. Now it’s time to put all that information to use. Thank you for everything.

    - Kate
  • I have been visiting Creative Explorations for five years now and every time I spend time exploring my journey, I come away refreshed and with new enthusiasm!! This past weekend was about learning that each path is new and unique. And, sometimes the way is not clearly marked. But, making our own path is important in being our authentic selves. So, my new mantra is “authentic path” and I will speak it each morning as I ready myself to face the new day! Thanks Jenny!

    - Jill Sanders
  • This was my first retreat experience and, although I didn’t really know what to expect, I was so pleasantly surprised! The accomodations were lovely and relaxing and had so much to offer in the way of books, soothing music, and comfy spaces. You are a warm, wonderful person who I immediately felt at ease with. My experiences with you were very helpful and truly freed a part of my spirit that needed your nurturing touch.

    - Karen
  • I agree with the other comments here. I attended with my cousin at a time when we were both in need of new and better directions in our lives. The retreat in the beautiful little two-bedroom apartment on fun and always-bustling Xenia Avenue has helped us re-think some things. The guided reflection activities and sensitive counseling were truly transformative. Thank you!

  • We came to creative explorations with the expectation of a relaxing retreat weekend away from the kids. What we encountered was more valuable than we ever expected. Our weekend with Jenny was transforming. We were both able to get in touch with some well needed spirituality. Jenny has an amazing gift to read the energy and lead the facilitation where it needs to go. We were extremely impressed and have recommended it to everyone we know!

    - Danielle and Julie West
  • I am so glad I chose Creative Explorations for my 60th birthday celebration. My daughter treated me to the experience and joined in on the fun. Jenny has created a wonderful space and program for discovering what one needs. She is spontaneous, knowledgeable and a true delight. I highly recommend taking time for yourself to look within. My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer!

    Cathy Glassford

    - Cathy Glassford
  • What a wonderful experience! Jenny is an AMAZING facilitator that helped me to see things through a completely different perspective. I would recommend this retreat to any and all of my friends and family. I feel renewed and ready to continue the creative journey!

    - Amy Long
  • The space is warm and peaceful, it was a welcome retreat from any normal hectic existence. My time with Jenny was special. She really knows how to delve to the heart of an issue. I enjoyed the different mediums she uses to help her clients explore their concerns with an eye towards ACTION. A great place to go to get relaxation and also to get UNSTUCK =)

    - Michele
  • From the moment I stepped foot into creative explorations, I found myself relaxed and at peace with what the weekend had in store for me. The space is comforting and inviting for relaxing and meditation. Jenny was able to enlighten me on my current path of life and help guide me to what my future could hold if I allowed those possibilities of change and exploration. She is an amazing facilitator, the perfect blend of kindness and curiosity. She challenged me enough to look beyond the physical and see my potential through the spiritual.

    - Melanie Bryant
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful, creative lessons in learning how to hold space for myself, to learn more and get to know myself in ways i had long forgotten about. This was a birthday treat i will long remember! Thank you!

    - Katie
  • I want to thank you Jenny for your vision that brought Creative
    Explorations into existence. From this vision you give women the opportunity to explore their sacred space within this wonderful sacred space. Creative Explorations and your genuine caring, have been catalysts for profound change and growth within me. I am very glad to know you.

    - Jackie
  • Words can’t express my gratitude to you, Jenny, for the inspiring time at Creative Explorations. It was just what my soul needed. I was able to go to soulful, creative places that have helped me move forward in so many parts of my life. I appreciated your gentle nature, your acceptance and your wisdom. I hope to return to get in touch with this other side of myself that is often neglected. I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed.

    - Ami Peacock
  • I’m deeply grateful for my 2 visits to Creative Explorations. Not only is the space welcoming and inspiring, but Jennifer has amazing insights and skills that pull out what is most needed in my present life. Both times I’ve come away refreshed, ready to move forward with a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose and self worth.

    - Vickie Murphy
  • Just a note to convey my very deep appreciation for my entire retreat experience. You gave me just what I needed to begin a more reflective and meaningful exchange with the world. Our facilitation sessions and the energy work, solidified some feelings that have been bubbling up inside me and I now feel the confidence I have been looking for for a long time. I am amazed that I was able to come so far in just a little time!

    - Karen
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