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  1. My daughter and I came for the weekend for some rest and relaxation. She has 2 young children and I'm a nurse and grad student. We had a blast. The home is beautiful, immaculate, and totally comfortable. You can connect through the power of music, art, or curl up with a good book. The surrounding community is a gem. Wonderful places to eat and explore. A sacred space not to be missed. Jenny pays close attention to the most minute details. She has thought of everything.
    - Robin
  1. I am so appreciative of your deeply thoughtful and gentle spirit and all the new awareness that could only have been born in a beautiful, sacred environment like the one you've created at Creative Explorations. I loved every moment of my creative exploring. Thank you, Jenny, for an incredible,one-of-a-kind breaking-through experience!
    - Karen
  1. What a beautiful, restorative, contemplative, superlative space Jenny has created! My girlfriends and I spent a very lovely weekend together, away from our hectic lives, just appreciating each other's company in this resplendent environment. Thanks Jenny!
    - Traci

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Creative Explorations offers a truly unique retreat experience. This nurturing sanctuary is nestled in the charming Village of Yellow Springs. When you enter, you will feel as though you are a welcome guest in the private home of a friend. My best, most beautiful, personal decorations adorn the sweet and cozy abode. This is sacred space and you are invited.

Guests have two retreat options. You may settle into the tranquil space and be entirely self-directed, or you may choose to receive personalized, professional facilitation services. Please see the programs page for further information.

You will be amazed at the resources available at Creative Explorations. There are books, magazines and CDs of great variety. You even have a PLAYROOM! Really! Art supplies, rhythm and musical instruments, games and puzzles are there for you to engage your “inner child” or your creative self!

The property has a landscaped yard, private parking, covered porch and open deck. The vibrant downtown is just a few blocks away where you can enhance your retreat experience with massage and spa services, yoga classes, meditation gatherings, or delight in the shops, galleries and eateries.

Beyond all the personal touches, Creative Explorations is unique in that you are given an extended stay. At Creative Explorations check-in can be as early as 10 am. (not 3 pm!) and check-out is typically as late as 5 pm. (not 11 am!) You are encouraged to luxuriate and not be rushed!

An immersion in Nature’s beauty is another wonderful option for your retreat. Glen Helen Nature Preserve is within walking distance and both John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve are just a few miles away. Guided Nature excursions are available with retreat packages.

Yellow Springs is located between Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, and is readily drivable  from anywhere in the tri-state area of Ohio (OH), Kentucky (KY), and Indiana (IN). For those traveling by plane, Dayton International Airport is a mere thirty minutes away.

Invest in your well-being and consider a nurturing Creative Explorations retreat. Your senses will be delighted. Your spirit will dance and your soul will be soothed. To schedule your retreat, please visit the “Contact” page and call or send an email with your request. Jenny will be happy to answer your questions and explain retreat options.

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 Introducing Jenny Horner, your retreat facilitator

I am Jenny Horner, a licensed independent social worker, and your guide in the retreat experience. As an artist, I am fascinated by all things creative and deeply respect the power of the imagination and the richness of symbols. As a spiritual inquirer, I am always open to the marvelous and mysterious workings of the Divine. My creative disposition and training allow me to be spontaneous and present while using sensitivity and gentleness as my primary guideposts.

An attitude of non-judgment and creative resourcefulness is brought into each session as together we explore the deeper meanings of your unique human experience. Each retreat is an empowering process of self-discovery. I do not have pre-programmed agendas, but focus instead on establishing a safe, structured and often “playful” environment where issues, interests and concerns are explored from fresh angles. Many women approach a retreat as a spiritual process and delight at the recognition of the insight and wisdom that lies within.

Erich Fromm said, “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” My intention is to offer a sacred haven for your own discovery process. Some retreatants leave with greater peace about their pasts. Some leave with greater hope for their future. A Creative Explorations retreat can offer you an important stepping stone on the journey through life. Come, deepen your acquaintance with your Divine Self and experience restoration of body, mind and spirit.


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