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  1. My experience at Creative Explorations was fantastic! I was desperately in need of some time off and an opportunity to reflect on what was going on with me, rather than rushing around checking off items on my to-do list. The space provided is such a calm and peaceful environment, and is a perfect space for relaxation and introspection. The sessions provided by Jenny were just what was needed for me to slow down and consider what would really help me to reclaim my life as my own, rather than being run by everyone else's priorities. I truly believe that I am a better person for having had this experience, because I now have tools to re-center myself when life gets challenging, as it will from time to time. I would encourage everyone to experience this life-changing opportunity.
    - Meredith
  1. What a delightful experience! Jenny thinks of everything to make your stay comfortable and enlightening, with new thoughts and motivation for your life journey. The accommodations are lovely, you just don't want to leave. The Yellow Springs community provides a unique background for the retreat and everything is conveniently located. EdenWorld Spa is definitely something guests will want to include in their retreat as Kim adds a wonderful dimension to the experience. I am sure there are many repeat guests and word-of-mouth referrals. Thanks again, Jenny!
    - Joy L.
  1. Thank You Jenny for a wonderful retreat and time away just for myself. I had a very spiritual and magical time at Creative Explorations. For once in my life I was able to shut everything out and really focus on "ME". YES, ME!

    Thank You for your program and place to stay to find my inner peace. To find love for myself and provide a place that is filled with Peace, Love and Light.

    Many Blessing to you.
    - Joy D.

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Welcome to Creative Explorations

Creative Explorations Womens Retreat is both a process and a place. It is a beautiful, sacred space where you can choose to receive professional facilitation services, or be self-directed. This retreat for women of all ages serves the needs of those seeking to relax the body and mind and reconnect to their guiding spiritual center.  As a private retreat, the facility is entirely yours, unless you wish to share your experience with one or two friends. Centered in the heart of Yellow Springs, Ohio, Creative Explorations provides a unique opportunity to replenish and nurture yourself.

The retreat is located between Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, and is readily drivable  from anywhere in the tri-state area of Ohio (OH), Kentucky (KY), and Indiana (IN). For those traveling by plane, Dayton International Airport is a mere thirty minutes away.

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Who are you? Your roles? Possessions? Personality?
The pressure of daily life can send us whirling in conflicting directions.

What do you really seek? . Peace? Clarity? Purpose?

Come away. . . .
  • Relax into a beautiful space of stillness. Silence the usual noise, release expectations and be at ease.
  • Reconnect with your Inner Being, Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Self.
  • Renew your appreciation for the workings of Divinity.
Return . . . . to more consciously and graciously inhabit your life.

Learn more about Creative Explorations…

 Introducing Jenny Horner, your retreat facilitator:

I am Jenny Horner, a licensed independent social worker, and your guide in the retreat experience. As an artist, I am fascinated by all things creative and deeply respect the power of the imagination and the richness of symbols. As a spiritual inquirer, I am always open to the marvelous and mysterious workings of the Divine. My creative disposition and training allow me to be spontaneous and present while using sensitivity and gentleness as my primary guideposts.

An attitude of non-judgment and creative resourcefulness is brought into each session as together we explore the deeper meanings of your unique human experience. Each retreat is an empowering process of self-discovery. I do not have pre-programmed agendas, but focus instead on establishing a safe, structured and often “playful” environment where issues, interests and concerns are explored from fresh angles. Many women approach a retreat as a spiritual process and delight at the recognition of the insight and wisdom that lies within.

Erich Fromm said, “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” My intention is to offer a sacred haven for your own discovery process. Some retreatants leave with greater peace about their pasts. Some leave with greater hope for their future. A Creative Explorations retreat can offer you an important stepping stone on the journey through life. Come, deepen your acquaintance with your Divine Self and experience restoration of body, mind and spirit.

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